David Braden is a passionate leader in providing practical energy conservation solutions for designing and building some of the most energy-efficient houses in Canada.

David was educated in the U.S., Europe and Canada, and as late as the 1990's, he was pursuing his Ph.D. in Rural Planning from the University of Waterloo.

This academic endeavour was put on hold when he was elected Deputy Mayor of his constituency. David was elected for 5 consecutive terms, and was known for his comprehensive and long-term approach.

David's extensive academic work provides him with the knowledge and tools to predict the long-term, unsustainable implications of conventional urban sprawl. David presents potential strategies for solutions that are both practical and planet friendly.

David demonstrates, publicizes and shares results of building conservation techniques that prove beyond any doubt that what was once thought to be unbelievable is actually achievable. His focus is on low technology, affordability, product longevity, sustainability and Canadian content.

David also works as a consultant to non-profits, for distant projects and for individuals wanting to build their own homes. He is a personal speaker with extensive experience in green activities, especially for housing, urban planning and agriculture. His speaking engagements combine practical experience, motivation and confidence, particularly in the area of energy challenges.

Through his company, Greening Motors Ltd., David Braden is also directly involved in a cross-country distribution network for the sale of fully approved, electric only automobiles. He is maintaining a list of interested parties for fleet and private purchases at greeningmotors@aol.com and he is expecting units in 2009.