Dave Braden, recently retired after 30 years experience in building energy efficient homes, is providing a practical advisory service for individuals and groups who need to know the facts and techniques which are truly effective.

The following services are offered:
  • Site Layout
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Health Implications of Building Components
  • Energy Efficient Methodology
  • Training in Air Sealing - Proper Installation of Insulation and Vapour Barrier Integrity
While our building company provides all of the above, do-it-yourself builders/contractors need to access practical information from those with experience. We offer the following packages:

Package #1: House Tour Package

A 2-hour, all-inclusive tour of my home including dispelling misconceptions, the importance of air tightness, lowering conductivity, interior layout objectives, solar angles, appropriate shading, renewable energy system and perimeter building details for walls, basements and attics.

Package #2: Consultation at Your Site

A 3-hour, on-your-site visit to respond to customers’ needs and circumstances in order to move ahead with building plans and eventual construction or renovations.

Package #3: Long-Term Advisory Service
(Price will be set by time required)

An ongoing advisory service customized to clients’ needs which includes assistance with design layout, site assessment, building permit, contracting services, suppliers, payments and continuous problem solving.

Package #4: Sealing Your Attic
$200.00 + materials

This is a hands-on service. I will seal your attic properly to greatly decrease heat loss.